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The ESG in Life Sciences Summit Europe is the only forum dedicated to tackling the strategic ESG and sustainability challenges encountered by life sciences organisations of all stages and sizes in Europe. With a blend of successful and innovative strategies presented, we will unite Vice Presidents, Directors, and Global Departmental Heads of ESG and Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Environmental Health and Safety to ensure a complete ecosystem. 

Experts need your help with:

Advisory, Sustainable Solutions, Reporting Software, Energy Providers, Audit 


Accentuate Your Brand to Heighten Awareness of Your Global Services 

Create Commercial Opportunities to Stay Ahead of Industry Trends 

Differentiate Your Products from Your Competitors to Steal the Show 

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McKinsey & CO.
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Why Partner?

Accentuate your brand to heighten awareness of your global services 

Create commercial opportunities to stay ahead of market trends 

Differentiate your products from your competitors to steal the show 

Who Will You Meet?

This inaugural event will unite 60+ life sciences ESG, sustainability, CSR, EHS, legal, and finance leaders in Europe, as well as governing bodies, regulators, investors, and healthcare systems. Meet your industry under one roof this summer to overcome shared challenges, partner for success, and create a better future for life sciences ESG advancements. 

Companies on the Program:

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